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Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children By Skills Project Uganda, is a community based organization/service charity organization, supporting  needy children in Education.The organization is affiliated to some other organizations with similar objectives; local and international. The Organizational is non ethical, non political and non denomination and we operate with communities in slum.

Dear friends and family,

On May 26, 2013 I lost my father, never guessing it would be very hard for me to continue with my studies until I was sent home for school, my mother couldn't help me out since she was not working and we were seven children in the family, she could not sustain our needs! But not for a second did I worry about access to medical help if needed it and feeding. Two years later, I can't help but think of other children- those with high risks on streets and slum areas- who don't have access to the life saving care they needy.

Uganda is one of the most places in the world with highest number of children below the age of 15 on the streets and slums trying to live on their own and with over 3.7 million refugees and these 75% are children below 12 years.


The goal of Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children  By Skills Project Uganda Organisation is here to provide and secure the future for needy Children in Uganda through education. Thousands of children do not have access to education, quality care that they need and Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children By Skills Project Uganda is committed to changing that.

Your donation can make the difference in the life of child's future. Did you know that for just $10 Helping Hands 2 Vulnerable Children can provide each child the school materials who is at risk on the streets/slums and brings back hope in life of children?

Join me by donating $1 for every hour your children (or loved) were on streets or slum areas. Childhood comes in all shapes and sizes, but one thing we have in common is that most of us have access to good education and others like emergencies if we need them during times of difficulties and parenthood, let's make sure other children do too.


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